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No. of Franchise Outlets: Less than 10
Investment: Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 50,000

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Skool Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd brings franchise opportunity for e-Raksha - a Child Safety and Attendance Monitoring System!

Skool India is an organization committed to providing world class solutions to School Management, Staff, Students and Parents. We have collectively decades of experience in School Management hardware & Software. We have rich and diverse experience in Technology, School & Educational Institutions. Our products have been deployed in many institutions.

What is e-Raksha?

e-Raksha is a Child Safety and Attendance Monitoring System. In today’s world child safety is of paramount importance to parents. Also for the school management, it is important to deploy such systems which safeguard the school’s students and increase the comfort level of students and parents.

With smaller children, parents & school staff are worried about their whereabouts. With older children, school and parents are concerned if they are attending classes or not. In any case, the school also needs automatic attendance reports.

How does it work?

Attendance Recording & Automated SMS Feature: Every child and every staff member gets a unique RFID Card with their name, photo and contact details printed in the card. The children swipe their cards at the gate / entrance during entering or leaving the school.

As soon as they swipe, the system is updated with the time of entry and an Automated SMS is sent to the parent/ guardian informing that the child has entered or left the school.

Benefit: The main benefit of this feature is that parents are informed that the child has safely entered or has left the school. Also the school has a track of when the child enters and exits every day. This is useful for managing school discipline.

Other Benefits:

  • Provides peace of mind to parents
  • Tracks Attendance and keeps a record of late coming & early exits
  • Can be used to motivate children to be in time

Special Exits: Special exits due to sickness, parent request for early pick up, early school closure due to emergency etc are taken care of and appropriate messages can be sent to the parents.

What are the Unique Features of e-Raksha?

There are many RFID systems in the market. However the key differentiators of our product are that:

The RFID machine does not need a computer to connect with. All it needs is a power supply point. The school therefore saves on the need to connect the RFID device to the computer, provide for cabling, AC and a computer operator to manage the system. All signals are automatically synced with the server on the cloud.

Another key differentiator is that while the signals generated are transmitted through GPRS (cellular phone technology to our server); there is also an inbuilt GPS transmitter in the device which signals to the GPS satellite. The attendance times are picked up from the GPS satellite hence it is always accurate. This prevents sending of messages with wrong time stamps.

With this feature, we can also install this device in your school buses and vehicles and get a fully functional Vehicle Tracking System!

As you know Delhi Government & CBSE has already made it mandatory for all schools to have a Vehicle Tracking System for their buses. This system provides you with a Vehicle Tracking & Attendance Monitoring System all rolled in one!

Online Leave Management System: One other key differentiator is that we give you along with the RFID Attendance tracking & GPS Vehicle Tracking system we also give parents & staff access to a Leave Management self-help portal.

Through this portal, parents can apply for leave for their children without having to write a letter and send to the school. This saves time and efforts of the school and the parents. Further all leaves are automatically recorded in the system. The staff can also apply and manage its leave through the portal. 

Want to start a business catering needs of educational institutes? This is the opportunity for you.

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Investment Details

Operations Commenced On : 2015

Date Commenced Frachising / Distribution : 2015

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Area Investment Franchise/Brand Fee Royalty/Commission

Store Wise Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 50,000    

Master / Multi Units

Area Investment Unit/Brand Fee Master/Brand Fee Royalty/Commission

Country Wise Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 50,000 -NA- -NA- -NA-

Region Wise Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 50,000 -NA- -NA- -NA-

State Wise Rs. 50,000 - Rs. 2lac 50K 2Lac 20

City Wise Rs. 50,000 - Rs. 2lac 50K 2 Lac 10

What areas are available for Unit franchise? : State Wise

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North West East South Center Union Territories

N/A N/A N/A N/A Bihar

Is there exclusive territorial rights given to a unit franchise? : No

Are any performance guarantees given to unit franchisees? : No

What is the anticipated percentage return on investment? : 10

What is the likely pay back period of capital for a unit franchise? : 1 - 2 Year

Are there other investment requirements? : No

Property Details

What type of property is required for this franchise opportunity? : Rented

Floor area requirement : -

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Do you currently have detailed Operating Manuals for franchisees? : Yes

Where is the franchisee training done? : Patna

Is field assistance available for franchisees? : Yes

Will someone from Head Office assist me when I open my franchise? : Yes

What IT systems do you presently have that will be included in the franchise? : Yes

Other Details

Do you have a standard Franchise Agreement? : Yes

How long is the franchise term for? : 3 years

Is the term renewable? : Yes