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About  Us :
Fabtech Sterling Building Technologies Pvt. Ltd offers  a full  range  of  load bearing and infill wall systems  for residential , commercial  and  industrial  applications .  It  now  brings  you  PlaswallTM, PlasmoliteTM & Foamolite  a  range  of  building  systems  that deliver  on  speed, strength  and  savings.
PlaswallTM , PlasmoliteTM & Foamolite  are the  products  launched and  have found  strong  acceptability  in  Philippines, Australia, Vietnam, Qatar  and  India. It is  spreading  fast in Middle East  and  Africa.

Plaswall :
It is a Lost in place formwork system, where in two fiber cement boards (FCB) of 6mm thickness are used. It uses HIMI (High Impact Molded Inserts) bonded between two sheets of FCB in situ and erected to produce a straight-to-finish wall. A monolithic structure is then created by filling the entire structure with concrete. Additional load capacity can be obtained by providing extra reinforcing bars and/or increasing the grade of the concrete. 
PLASWALLTM can be made using many types of woodgrained sheets. It is also the ideal material for architectural forms like trellis, gazebo, fencing, mouldings, roof shingles, structural landscape products, trims and many other custom made requirements.
It also complies with Philippines National Building Code, British, American and Australian Building Codes.  

Plasmolite :
Plasmolite™  saves you from the hassles of brickwork, hollow-block and plastering. It is very well integrated with conventional column and beam and Pre-engineered buildings. Its erection takes just one-third of the time when compared to conventional brickwork and plastering which results in quicker installation and lesser dependency on skilled labor. It offers savings in raw material (no gravel) and steel reinforcement in high rise buildings. Plasmolite™ is made from mixing stable foam to slurry of cement, sand/flyash. This action incorporates small enclosed air bubbles within the mortar thereby making it lighter and possessing special properties such as low thermal conductivity and high fire resistance. Its density ranges from 600kg/m3 to1000kg/m3, allowing it to be used in a variety of applications such as residential high rises, commercial and industrial. As a result, we can witness substantial weight reduction (dead-load), improved fire rating and maximum sound absorption.

Applications :

  • Residential ( High rise buildings, Villas, Apartments, Affordable housing units)
  • Commercial (Hotels, Commercial buildings, Shopping malls, Modular houses for construction sites)
  • Industrial (Factories)
  • Boundary Wall.
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