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Profits ‘Home-Delivered’ Delivering quality fruits and veggies at people’s door steps at affordable rates is the brand ‘Veg on Call’. In an interaction, Mukesh Saini, Founder & CEO, Veg On Call shares his experience of participation in the Mumbai FRO.

Namita Bhagat (NB):Brief us about the origin and development of your company and how did the company opt for franchise route?

Mukesh Saini (MS): Vegoncall as a company is a relatively new as it is just been two years since it has started. The module of the firm is based on the home delivery of the fruits and vegetable to the people’s homes at the rate which is relatively less than that of the usual hawker selling these products.
I started this company in the year 2009. The idea was to make people realise that the inflation in the market is not due to the farmer’s but is due to the unorganised supply chain in the industry. Stating the business with an initial procurement figure of Rs 900 the business today has grown to a working capital potential of Rs 2.9 lakh a day.
I understood very early that the profit potential in the business is huge however one of the constraints were that the consumption and volume are the two critical factors on which the success of the business is based.

NB: What kind of marketing strategies do you follow?

MS: The promotional strategy of the company initially was to distribute leaflets in the Dwarka region for home delivery. But within two weeks of distributing leaflets the response that the organisation received was not that satisfactory. In order to increase the awareness the company then started tele- marketing,which worked very well in the favor of the company and brought in a lot of business. These calls were designed as sales calls . Once the business started coming we decided to introduce Refrigerated Carts in the various apartments of Dwarka. These carts were designed in order to provide leverage to the company by directly competing with the street hawkers, the printing on the carts provided the much needed publicity for the organisation in the Dwarka region. In the near future the company will also give advertisements in various newspapers all across the Delhi region in order to promote the brand.

NB: Your company has participated in FRO Mumbai. What factors inspired you to participate in the event?

MS: FRO is considered to be one of the best Franchise Fairs in India. In order to increase the company’s growth it had to step outside the Delhi region as well. The budget constraints for the organisation were such that it was not feasible to go to Mumbai and advertise for the franchisee model. With FRO as the platform the company has been able to reach the people who are interested in the franchisee model. FRO has been able to filter the investors and the general public which was one of the most important aspects for business.

NB: Share your experience of being one of the participating companies at FRO.

MS: The experience of FRO Mumbai has been what you call unreal as we were not expecting the amount of queries that we received. As per our expectations we were thinking about five to six people will be interested in getting associated with the brand and the remaining will be the ones who are just interested in getting to know what the concept is all about. But the results on the last day were unbelievable. Only a few people were not interested in the concept and all the rest were interested.

NB: How do you think the brands’ participation in the event would contribute to the brand’s growth?

MS: FRO has given the brand the much needed attention directly from the investors. In order to set foot in various other markets such a platform will be very fruitful for the company. The best thing about FRO is that it completely filters the interested clients from the rest.

NB: What advice would you like to give to the entrepreneurs and investors aspiring to participate in the show to get maximum benefits from it?

MS: It is completely advisable for other companies to take advantage of the FRO as a platform as it will embellish there product strategies as well. This is due to the interaction with the other exhibitors who share the details of the business they are into and a lot can be discussed about each others strategies. The ability of FRO to filter the people will surely save a lot of time in the process and will help to enhance the growth of any organisation.



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