Raising a Franchising Star

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By: Namita Bhagat | June 01, 2011 | comments (0 ) |

Raising a Franchising Star Imparting professional and quality ‘Day Care’, the brand is aspiring for pan India growth via franchise route. In an interview, Shinie Nair, Founder, Rising Stars Childcare Pvt. Ltd shares her experience of company’s participation in Mumbai FRO 2011.

Namita Bhagat (NB): Brief us about the origin and development of your company and how did the company opt for franchise route?

Shinnie Nair (SN): After not getting a professional and quality ‘Day Care’ for our adorable twins, the idea of launching ‘Rising Stars’ was conceived. We began with launching two of our own centres in Pune and brought the concept of professional day care from abroad, customising it to Indian context. We did the same in a period of over two and half years, doing own set of mistakes and taking first-hand knowledge of the challenges and their solutions. We developed a model that can be replicated and started expanding pan India on the franchise model from the mid 2010.

Franchising model is used to expand the businesses and seize the market share. This model helps in expanding business, using, expertise of the franchisor and the franchisee’s capital. It is an apt business concept to expand the market share and reach. If applied well franchising is extremely effective and profitable. We decided opting for this model in order to accomplish our mission of empowering parent(s) in the society to pursue their professional aspirations by having quality Rising Stars centres across India.

NB: Promotional strategy is part and parcel of brand’s appropriate growth. Kindly elaborate on the approach your company adopts to enhance its reach.

SN: As a part of brands promotional approach, we are going along with three pronged approach starting from print media and outdoor publicity, web campaigns and mailer campaigns and participation in the events/Expo. We are working constantly to partner with companies or people on the referral as well as business associate model for enhancing our reach in different parts of the country.

NB: Your company has participated in FRO Mumbai. What factors inspired you to participate in the event?

SN: FRO Mumbai was an apt platform, where the right set of franchisee aspirants and franchisor can have first round of interaction. The timing of the event and the professional approach adopted by the company to promote the event gave added confidence in the successful turnover in the event. Mumbai being one of our prime target markets, participation all the more looked fruitful.

NB: Share your experience of being one of the participating companies at FRO.

SN: The event was very professionally done, as far as location, timing and the promotion of the event are concerned. As a participant, we got a good opportunity to interact with interested folks from in and around Mumbai. Also, we got a chance to analyse our biz model vis-a-vis other corporates that are into franchisee biz.

NB: How do you think the brands’ participation in the event would contribute to the brand’s growth?

SN: Brand visibility has been the key objective that has been met satisfactorily in the event. Moreover the objective of promoting the awareness about the concept of Day care and Rising Star way of doing it has been successfully communicated to the visiting audience. We expect to generate some prospective inquires from the word spread around by our presence in the exhibition and hope to get inroads in the form of new franchise coming on board soon.

NB: What advice would you like to give to the entrepreneurs and investors aspiring to participate in the show to get maximum benefits from it?

SN: Our advice to the entrepreneurs and investors aspiring to participate in the show is to go with well thought through complete package or participation in the sequence of activity conducted around this event, so that awareness, exposure and reminder of the brand happens. This is must for all those who really wants have better ROI out of the investment they are doing for the event.



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