York Transnational Limited coming with brand - Perfume Station

York Transnational Limited is a Hong Kong based professionally managed company which has 16 Years of experience in Perfume Industry. Company’s mission is to offer a wide range of perfumes at affordable prices. The aim is to provide to its consumers “VALUE FOR MONEY”. Their collections include more than 200 SKUs and have special section for men, women & children.

Company is present internationally in Russia, Singapore, USA, Ukraine, and Australia. They strongly focus on continuous new product development based on changing market needs, strong logistic/supply chain management.

Perfume station’s concept is to design, manufacture and supply authentic yet affordable fragrances/ perfumes to its customers. In all, Perfume Station is a unique concept of 100% Perfume store.


FRO Hyderabad | March 10-11, 2017
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