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India's #1 Franchise & Retail Opportunity show

December 16 - 17, 2017 Chennai Trade Center
4,50,000 Potential Investors
500+ Shows Delivered
1200+ Brands
10 Cities & Growing
One Show!
Entrepreneur Startup Summit India's Biggest Conference on Starting, Managing & Growing your Business

Conference Overview

The Startup Summit examines the science of starting a business in terms of The Physics Behind Starting a Business, The Mathematics of Selecting the Best Business, The Chemistry of Managing Business Operations and The Biology of Building Business Growth. Today's competitive and transitional times demand that early entrepreneurs build their business keeping all four aspects in mind. Successful entrepreneurs, business and industry experts continue to be generous with their time and knowledge to mentor small business owners and early entrepreneurs, and so we should not miss this opportunity.

The Physics behind starting a business

In business, just as in physics, and also perhaps life in general, it's easier to maintain momentum than to overcome inertia. Quantum represents the potentiality in business to create ground for a rewarding Business Start-up . Physics explains how the natural world behaves -- how matter, energy and motion work. We need to draw on the laws of physics to design the business model and draw the business plan. Only then can we build dynamic structures and processes that will serve us best.

With hundreds of different brands, investment levels and business types, how can you select the right business? Selecting the right business needs logic and reasoning that helps us read the numbers right. By recognising what numbers tell us we can discover the right business for our investment that minimizes risk and maximize Returns.

Market evaluations are a crucial part of selecting the right business opportunity; which calls for an understanding of:

  • Demographics of potential customers
  • The local need for the product or services being offered
  • Cost of the services or products
  • Current & vacant market share
  • The Biology of Building Business Growth

    The science of biology empowers us with the understanding of how organic and sustainable growth is created. Growth is good when everything is in place to support it, but it is bad when it happens when people, processes, and systems are not in place or ready to support that growth.

    The Chemistery of Managing Business Operations

    Good chemistry enhances Business productivity, because it enables altruistic partnerships and business relationships in which everyone is involved in the process of collaboration and there is an unparalleled balance of give and take leaving fewer issues to resolve & therefore less time devoted to non-creative agendas. It empowers us to manage all the equations between our vendors or colleagues or even customers, to ensure smooth functioning in everyday business.

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